Series in Photomedicine and Biophotonics

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Introduction to Nanomaterials in Medicine

Mohammad Rabiee, Navid Rabiee, Reza Salarian, Ghazal Rabiee
March 2019

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The Series in Photomedicine and Biophotonics concentrates on the broad subject areas of photomedicine, biophotonics, and nanomedicine.

Photomedicine covers both the diverse therapeutic applications of light (phototherapy, photobiomodulation, and photodynamic therapy) as well as diseases/conditions caused by exposure to light.

Biophotonics covers the use of light in biomedical optics and imaging, and the relatively new areas of theranostics, molecular imaging, and neurophotonics. Other cutting-edge subjects that will be covered include optogenetics, optical sensors for biowarfare agents, biophotonic nanotechnology, optical biopsies, etc.

Nanomedicine covers the application of nanotechnology in biology and medicine with an emphasis on drug delivery nanovehicles (including smart nanoparticles), carbon nanomaterials, nanobiosensors, and biomimetic nanostructures.

Michael R Hamblin
Harvard Medical University, USA

Michael R Hamblin PhD is a Principal Investigator at the Wellman Center for Photomedicine, Massachusetts General Hospital, an Associate Professor of Dermatology, Harvard Medical School and affiliated faculty at Harvard-MIT Division of Health Science and Technology. He received his PhD in organic chemistry from Trent University in England. He directs a laboratory of around a dozen scientists who work in photodynamic therapy and photobiomodulation. He has published 376 peer-reviewed articles, is Editor or Associate Editor for 10 journals, and serves on NIH Study-Sections. He has an h-factor of 82 and >25,000 citations. He has authored/edited 11 proceedings volumes together with ten other major textbooks on PDT and photomedicine. Dr Hamblin was honored by election as a Fellow of SPIE in 2011, received the 1st Endre Mester Lifetime Achievement Award in Photomedicine from NAALT in 2017, and the Outstanding Career Award from the Dose Response Society in 2018.