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Jacket Image For: Air-Puff Tonometers

Air-Puff Tonometers: Challenges and insights

Professor Robert Koprowski
April 2019

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The scope of this series involves the use of image analysis and processing methods in medicine and biology. New areas of medicine and biology in which image analysis and processing methods have not been used so far will be equally interesting to explore in this series—especially those operating automatically and repetitively in large patient populations.

Additionally, any imaging method can be applied, starting with MRI through X-ray and ending with THV or other imaging methods that have not yet been invented. This series also includes works which are a combination of an engineer (algorithms for image analysis and processing) and a doctor (who verifies the practical clinical utility of the proposed image analysis and processing methods).

Robert Koprowski PhD DSc

University of Silesia, Poland

Robert Koprowski, PhD is a lecturer in the Department of Biomedical Computer Systems in Computer Science Institute at The University of Silesia, Katowice, Poland. His research interests include computer analysis and signal and biomedical image processing, as well as computer science technology in medicine and biotechnology. He is an author and co-author of eight published books and has published over 140 papers.

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Senior Commissioning Editor

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