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How to order

  • Search or browse for the title that you would like to order.
  • Add the title to the shopping cart by clicking the Add to Cart button (making sure to select the format that you want to receive the title in).
  • From the cart, you can view your added items and choose to either proceed to checkout by clicking Next to complete your purchase, or to Continue Shopping.
  • NOTE: You can check what’s in your cart at any time by clicking the cart icon in the top right of any webpage on the site. If items are present, a number will be displayed alongside the icon.
  • Enter your billing and delivery details. If your purchase is in an electronic format, you will be asked to read and confirm compliance with our electronic purchase terms and conditions. Information regarding redeeming your purchase and e-reading is also displayed here.
  • Choose your payment method. You can pay by Visa, or MasterCard. All transactions are securely managed by our trusted fulfilment partners, NBN International, via their secure payment terminal.
  • Click Submit to proceed with your order.
  • Once your payment has been processed, you will be presented with an order confirmation page, from where you can download electronic purchases (ebooks) directly and immediately in the VitalSource Bookshelf. Print books will be shipped to you within the time frame stated in the shipping option that you selected at checkout. Order confirmation will also be sent to your stated emaill address, from where access to your electronic purchase can also be gained.

Delivery, shipping, and e-reading

IOP print book delivery and shipping is fulfilled by our trusted fulfilment partner, NBN International. Various purchase options are made available at checkout, and all costs are calculated in your final order total.

If your item is yet to be published, you can place a pre-order, but payment will not be taken until the title is in stock and your order can be fulfilled. You will be notified when the title is in stock, and the order will be processed.

Electronic purchases (ebooks) are fulfilled by our trusted fulfilment partner, NBN International, and can be downloaded immediately upon payment from the confirmation screen or accessed via an e-mailed link in your confirmation e-mail. Please note that NBN International partner with VitalSource to read ebooks fulfilled via their checkout. If you already have a VitalSource Bookshelf account, you can log in there and see the purchase in your Bookshelf. Alternatively, you can access the ebook directly upon purchase as explained above.

Should you have any queries about e-reading or electronic purchases, please contact:

For all general sales and order related enquiries, please contact:

Returns and refunds

IOP print books and ebooks are non-returnable and non-refundable.

Discount Codes

Am I eligible for a discount code?

Yes, if you are an IOP ebooks author, or current and active member of the following societies:

  • IPEM society member - 30% discount across all titles
  • AAS society member - 30% discount across all titles
  • BPS society member - 30% discount across all titles
  • IOP members - 30% discount across all titles

Please check with your relevant society membership department for your discount code, or for enquiries regarding eligibility.

If you are a book author who has published with us and would like a reminder of your Bookstore discount code, please contact

Using your discount code

Discount codes can be applied at checkout, and the order total will automatically change to reflect the value of the code applied. If the order total fails to change, please try refreshing the page.

NOTE: Codes are case-sensitive and should be entered exactly as they appeared when sent to you. Only single codes can be used at any one time.

If you should experience any issues applying your discount code, please contact

Ebooks FAQ

How do I access my ebook purchase?

Electronic purchases (ebooks) can be downloaded immediately after payment, direct from the confirmation screen. Alternatively, you can access your ebook via the link in your confirmation e-mail, or if you already have a VitalSource Bookshelf account, you can log in there and see the purchase in your Bookshelf account. Please note that IOP ebooks are supplied by VitalSource, and as such, you can read them on their Bookshelf application. If you do not have a VitalSource Bookshelf account yet, you will need to create one before accessing your ebook via the Bookshelf. You can create an account here:

What is VitalSource Bookshelf?

VitalSource Bookshelf is an online ebook platform that is used by publishers across the globe to provide access to ebook purchasers of their content. Within the platform, you can download and read purchased ebooks across a variety of associated vendors, all linked to a single account. You are also able to access your ebooks on the go by downloading the VitalSource app to your mobile device or tablet. To visit the support page for VitalSource bookshelf, you can visit:

How do I get started with VitalSource Bookshelf?

Please visit the VitalSource Bookshelf support page for more information:

How do I download VitalSource Bookshelf?

Details on how to download the VitalSource Bookshelf application can be found here:

Which devices can I read my ebook on?

Read IOP ebooks via the VitalSource Bookshelf on any computer, tablet or mobile phone. VitalSource Bookshelf is compatible with both Macs and PCs as well as iOS, Android, Kindle Fire, and Chromebook devices.

Can I read my ebooks offline?

Yes, absolutely! Download your ebooks and read offline or on the move.

What about accessibility?

VitalSource have a long-standing commitment to meeting the needs of learners of all abilities and are committed to providing access to content for all users when, where, and how they need it. Learn more about accessibility here:


For enquiries relating to sales and orders, please contact:

For enquiries relating to ebook purchases and e-reading, please contact:

For any other enquiries or feedback related to IOP ebooks, or the IOPP Bookstore, please contact:

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