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The Integrated Electro-Mechanical Drive

A mechatronic approach
Professor Bogdan Fijalkowski, Professor Jozef Tutaj


Mechatronics is a rapidly developing field of engineering, which encompasses a range of disciplines including mechanics, fluidics, electrics, electronics and computer technologies. The Integrated Electro-Mechanical Drive: A mechatronic approach outlines a practical and systematic method for applications of dynamical systems and the theory of holors in mechatronics. Aimed at scientists and engineers who specialise in integrated electro-mechanical drives, as well as researchers and students, this fundamental guide to the practical applications of mechatronics is applicable to transportation systems, industrial production processes, aerospace, aviation and automotive industries.

About Editors

B T Fijalkowski obtained an MSc in electrical engineering, a PhD in power electronics and a DSc in physical heterogeneous continuous and discrete dynamical systems. He has worked for five years in industry and more than 50 years in academia, becoming a highly respected and notable scientist in his field. Fijalkowski has contributed to numerous publications covering topics such as robotics, power electronics, system modelling, MATLAB simulation and mechatronics.

J Tutaj received an MSc in electrical engineering, a PhD in electrical engineering and a DSc in electro-mechanical drive systems. He served as head of the Mechatronics Institution at Cracow University of Technology, Poland, and has more than 30 years' experience in academia. His focus subjects include mathematical models of electrical machines and automotive drive systems, and he has been widely published in these areas. 

Table of Contents



About the Authors


Chapter 1 - General considerations

Chapter 2 - Integrated DC or AC Motors with the Mechanical Split-Ring/Flat and/or Macroelectronic Commutator

Chapter 3 - Advanced AC and DC Motor IEMD Control

Chapter 4 - AC Motor IEMD Modus Operandi

Chapter 5 - DC Motor IEMD Modus Operandi

Chapter 6 - Integrated Electro-Mechanical Drive (IEMD)

Chapter 7 - Physical and Mathematical Models of AC-AC or AC-DC-AC or DC-AC Commutator Synchronous or Asynchronous Motors

Chapter 8 - Concluding and Future Trends

Appendix A, B, C, D



Hardback ISBN: 9780750320467

Ebook ISBN: 9780750320481

DOI: 10.1088/2053-2563/aae7d7

Publisher: Institute of Physics Publishing


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