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Talking Renewables

A renewable energy primer for everyone
Anirudh Singh


Renewable energy (RE) is a subject of great interest today. It is one of the two main means for implementing climate change mitigation programmes, and presently the only perceived means for replacing the declining global fossil-fuel reserves. It also helps fight poverty and assists in the global quest for gender equity by taking clean energy where it is needed most for development.

It is perhaps not surprising therefore, that there is so much coverage of RE by media and tech writers, economists and bloggers, many of who only have a partial understanding of the technology itself. The result is mostly promotional rhetoric that says little about the true value of the technology and leads to a confused picture for the serious individual or decision-maker who wants to know what the technology is really capable of doing.

Talking Renewables provides a clear and factual picture of the status of RE and its capabilities today. It is largely a non-technical book in nature but does however cover enough of the science and technology to enable readers to go further with their own investigations should they wish to. It looks at all areas of RE, starting with biomass energy and hydropower, and proceeding to wind, solar and geothermal energy before ending with an overview of ocean energy. The last two chapters consider how the technologies are being implemented today and their roles in climate change mitigation and poverty alleviation, and looks at the future of renewable energy.

About Editors

Anirudh Singh, PhD, is a researcher, writer, and consultant in renewable energy and climate change currently based at the University of Fiji where he is developing a Master's programme in renewable-energy management. After obtaining his PhD in condensed matter physics at Leicester University, he spent most of his research and teaching career at the University of the South Pacific, where he managed two major capacity-building projects in renewable energy. He has also managed two international conferences and 14 renewable-energy capacity-building workshops, and has been associate/guest editor for international publishers.

Table of Contents


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Chapter 1 Energy and its uses

Chapter 2 Principles of renewable energy technologies – Biomass and


Chapter 3 Principles of renewable energy technologies – Solar, Wind,

Geothermal, and Ocean Energy

Chapter 4 Assessing renewable energy resources

Chapter 5 Other requirements for renewable energy

Chapter 6 Using renewable energy

Chapter 7 Our energy future

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Paperback ISBN: 9780750327497

Ebook ISBN: 9781681749006

DOI: 10.1088/978-1-6817-4901-3

Publisher: Morgan & Claypool Publishers


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