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Spectroscopic Tools for Food Analysis

Ashutosh Kumar Shukla


Food quality analysis is an area of interest that has always attracted the attention of everyone, and making suitable tools for food analysis is especially important. This volume presents such techniques and their state-of-the-art applications. It covers different spectroscopic methods spread over the wide range of electromagnetic spectrum that are being applied in food analysis. Detection of ammonia nitrogen using spectroscopic process is also included as it is the source of protein synthesis in aquatic plants and animals, which serve as an important ingredient of our diet. Individual chapters cover recent trends and applications of a particular technique in different areas of food analysis. This book also includes comparison of different approaches wherever necessary in view of actual applications. Mathematical details have been kept to a necessary minimum as far as possible, keeping in mind the novice researchers and technicians. Furthermore, an interdisciplinary character is naturally a distinctive feature throughout as contributors are from different disciplines including science, engineering and pharmacy.

About Editors

With almost 19 years of physics teaching and research experience, Ashutosh Kumar Shuklah has published in peer reviewed journals and authored a textbook, as well as edited more than 10 volumes prepared in collaboration with experts from different countries. He teaches at Ewing Christian College, India.

Table of Contents



Chapter 1 State of the art and applications of near infrared spectroscopy in food composition and quality,

Chapter 2 Food Authenticity and Traceability: Molecular Spectroscopy Approaches 

Chapter 3 Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy applications in food industry

Chapter 4 Spectroscopic method for the detection and determination of ammonia nitrogen in aquaculture water


Hardback ISBN: 9780750323222

Ebook ISBN: 9780750323246

DOI: 10.1088/2053-2563/ab4428

Publisher: Institute of Physics Publishing


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