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Sound-Power Flow

A practitioner's handbook for sound intensity
Robert Hickling


Sound-Power Flow: A practitioner's handbook for sound intensity is a guide for practitioners and research scientists in different areas of acoustical science. There are three fundamental quantities in acoustics: sound pressure, sound particle velocity, and sound intensity.

This book is about sound intensity and demonstrates the advantages and uses of acoustical sensing compared with other forms of sensing. It describes applications such as: measuring total sound power; directional hearing of humans and mammals; echolocation; measuring sound-power flow in ducts; and uses of non-contact, focused, high-frequency, pulse-echo ultrasonic probes. This book presents computational approaches using standard mathematics, and relates these to the measurement of sound-power flow in air and water. It also uses linear units rather than logarithmic units – this making computation in acoustics simpler and more accessible to advanced mathematics and computing. The book is based on work by the author and his associates at General Motors, the University of Mississippi, and Sonometrics.

About Editors

Robert Hickling is the owner and president of Sonometrics Inc. His main area of research is engineering acoustics with particular focus on the application of sound-intensity measurement, motor vehicle and environmental noise, and noise and overpressure due to airbags. He has been an industry consultant for Delphi, Autoliv and Takata, and is a member of the SAE, ASME, Institute of Noise Control Engineering and the Acoustical Society of America.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents: Mathematics and measurement of sound-power flow in fluids / Calibration and normalization of probes in air / Mathematics of sound-power flow in solids / Sound sources and methods of exciting sound / Sound-power flow over the ground, and in the atmosphere and ocean / Sound-power flow in the Earth's structure / The sound power of a source measured on a hypothetical enclosing surface / The sound power of a source measured at its surface / Enhancement of sound power by sound from other correlated sources / Transfer-function methods applied to incident and reflected components of sound-power flow in a duct / Determining the direction of a sound source in fluids / Computer-visualation of the free vibrations of metal spheres and shells / Computer visualation of acoustic scattering and response of spheres in water / Acoustic scattering and focusing by spheres in water / Computed results compared with experimental data / Mathematical model of head impact / Sound-power flow during airbag deployment in a motor vehicle compartment / Uses of high-frequency, focused, pulse-echo ultrasonic probes / Detecting insect pests in agricultural commodities / Holography of liquid droplets / Wooden sounding boards / Use of deturbulators to improve performance of wind farms / Sound-power flow in medical ultrasonics / Metamaterials / Cosmic sound waves / Back matter


Paperback ISBN: 9780750328555

Ebook ISBN: 9781681744544

DOI: 10.1088/978-1-6817-4453-7

Publisher: Morgan & Claypool Publishers


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