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Solitons in Crystalline Processes (2nd Edition)

Irreversible thermodynamics of structural phase transitions and superconductivity
Minoru Fujimoto


Solitons play a fundamental role in ordering processes in crystals, where the collective motion is essential for mesoscopic disorder in thermal equilibrium. The first edition of this book detailed the essential mechanism of structural changes where solitons play the fundamental role of boson statistics for irreversible thermodynamics in crystals; explaining the structural transformations and mesoscopic disorder, and the nonlinear mechanism of superconductivity. A major development and extension presented in this new edition is in the application of soliton theory to polymers and liquid crystals, in addition to capturing the theoretical developments and newer experimental results of soliton analysis in general. This updated text also emphasises the thermodynamics of soft modes, pseudospins and order variables for finite lattice displacements. Soliton statistics of the nonlinear order variables are also logically discussed. Written as an introductory treatise, with respect to the soliton concept in matter, with exercises provided, this book will help to further develop readers' understanding of the subject.

About Editors

Minoru Fujimoto is a retired professor from the University of Guelph, Canada, where he conducted research in the field of magnetic resonance studies on structural phase transitions in crystals and, more recently, theoretical work with soliton dynamics. He is the author of numerous papers and books, and is an expert in solitons as applied to crystalline condensed matter systems.

Table of Contents



Part I Binary Transitions

1 Phonons and Internal Energies in Stable Lattices

2 Displacive Order Variables in Collective Mode and Adiabatic Potentials

3 Pseudospin Clusters and the Born-Huang Principle: Corrective Order-Variables as Solitons in Crystals

4 The Mean-Field Approximation and Critical Phase Fluctuations

Part II Experimental Studies On Critical Anomalies And Soft Modes

5 Scattering Experiments on Critical Anomalies

6 Magnetic Resonance Studies of Critical Anomalies

7 Soft Modes of Lattice Displacements

Part III Soliton Theory Of Lattice Dynamics

8 Nonlinear Dynamics in Finite Crystals: Displacive Waves, Complex Adiabatic Potentials and Pseudopotentials

9 Opposite Weiss' Fields for Nonlinear Order Variables and Entropy Production: the Korteweg-deVries Equation for Transitions between Conservative States

10 Soliton Mobility in Dynamic Phase Space: Time-Temperature Conversion in Thermal Processes

11 Toda's Theorem of the Soliton Lattice

12 Phase Solitons in Adiabatic Processes: Topological Correlations in Mesoscopic Domain Boundaries

Part IV Superconducting, Magnetic, Polymer And Liquid Crystals

13 Phonons, Solitons and Electrons in Metallic Phases

14 Soliton Theory of Superconducting Transitions

15 High-Tc Superconductors

16 Superconducting Phases in Metallic Crystals

17 Magnetic Crystals

 18 Crystalline Polymer and Liquid Crystals

Concluding Remarks

Appendix Hyperbolic and Elliptic Functions



Hardback ISBN: 9780750325707

Ebook ISBN: 9780750325721

DOI: 10.1088/978-0-7503-2572-1

Publisher: Institute of Physics Publishing


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