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SMath for Physics

A primer
Bernard V Liengme


SMath is a free mathematical notebook program similar to Mathcad that provides many options for studying and solving complex mathematical equations. This book is a primer providing a concise but thorough introduction that keeps physics at a fairly low level so readers can concentrate on understanding the SMath features. The major features are introduced step by step and focus on using SMath as a simple scratch pad.

About Editors

Bernard V Liengme is a Retired Professor of Chemistry and Lecturer in Information Systems of St Francis Xavier University in Nova Scotia, Canada where he taught for more than 36 years. He is the author of A Guide to Microsoft Excel® for Business and Management (two editions), and A Guide to Microsoft Excel® for Scientists and Engineers (six editions). The later has been adopted by various engineering schools worldwide. Both books have been translated into a number of languages. More recently published is Modelling Physics with Microsoft Excel®. Bernard has been awarded the Microsoft Most Valued Professional award in Excel® in each of the last eight years.

Table of Contents

An Overview of SMath Suite / Intro Physics: Some Simple Problems / Trajectory of a Projectile / Linear Regression / Root Finding / Numerical Integration / Solving Differential Equations / The SMath Viewer / Data Exchange with External Files / SMath with Maxima


Paperback ISBN: 9780750327800

Ebook ISBN: 9781627059268

DOI: 10.1088/978-1-6270-5925-1

Publisher: Morgan & Claypool Publishers


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