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Single Molecule Biophysics and Poisson Process Approach to Statistical Mechanics

Susanta K Sarkar


This is an overview of single molecule physics, the study of both equilibrium and non-equilibrium properties at the single molecule level. It begins with an introduction to this fascinating science and includes a chapter on how to build the most popular instrument for single molecule biophysics, the total internal reflection fluorescence (TIRF) microscope. It concludes with the Poisson process approach to statistical mechanics, explaining how to relate the process to diverse areas and see how data analysis and error bars are integral parts of science.

About Editors

Susanta Sarkar is an assistant professor and principal investigator of the single molecule biophysics lab at the Colorado School of Mines. He studies biomolecules and nanoparticle one by one to understand their functions and properties. He received his PhD at the University of Oregon, completed his postdoctoral study at Cornell, and worked at the National Institutes of Health before joining the School of Mines.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents: Preface / Single molecule biophysics / The total internal reflection fluorescence microscope / Poisson process approach to statistical mechanics / Appendix A: Building a total internal reflection fluorescence microscope: parts, vendors, and costs / Appendix B: The Poisson process


Paperback ISBN: 9780750328241

Ebook ISBN: 9781681741802

DOI: 10.1088/978-1-6817-4116-1

Publisher: Morgan & Claypool Publishers


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