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A review of sustainable energy supply options
Professor David Elliott


Renewable energy is a fast expanding field, welcomed by many as part of the answer to climate change and energy security concerns; but can renewables deliver? This book reviews the basic technological options and global implementation, so as to convey the sense of excitement that abounds in this new area of technological development, but it also looks at the problems, including technological, policy issues, local environmental impacts and the need to deal with the variability of some renewable energy sources.

About Editors

David Elliott worked initially with the UK Atomic Energy Authority at Harwell and the Central Electricity Generating Board, before moving to The Open University, where he is now an Emeritus Professor. While at The Open University, he was the co-director of the Energy and Environment Research Unit and Professor of Technology Policy in the Faculty of Mathematics, Computing and Technology. During his time at The Open University he created several courses in design and innovation, with special emphasis on how the innovation development process can be directed towards sustainable technologies. Prof. Elliott has published numerous books, reports and papers, especially in the area of development of sustainable and renewable energy technologies and systems. Still very active in research and policy, David Elliott also writes the popular blog Renew Your Energy on http://environmentalresearchweb.org/

Table of Contents

1.1 Why renewable energy?
1.2. Which sources are emerging?
1.3. What are the problems?
1.4 The structure of this book

2. Power
2.1 Hydro
2.2 Wind power
2.3 Wave power
2.4 Tidal power
2.5 Power in perspective

3. Heat
3.1 Bioenergy
3.2 Solar heat
3.3 Geothermal heat and power
3.4 Heat pumps and CHP

4. Light
4.1 PV solar
4.2 Beyond PV–PE, thermo-electric and photochemical systems
4.3 One world under the sun: a global grid?

5. Integration
5.1 Dealing with variability
5.2 Grid balancing – beyond electricity
5.3 Energy storage
5.4 A balanced future
5.6 Energy conservation and energy efficiency
5.7 A sustainable energy future: costs and policy choices

6. Policy
6.1 Europe
6.2 Asia and the Pacific Area
6.3 The Americas
6.4 Africa
6.5 What next: the issues of cost and scale
6.6 Conclusions

7. Afterword


Hardback ISBN: 9780750310413

Ebook ISBN: 9780750310406

DOI: 10.1088/978-0-750-31040-6

Publisher: Institute of Physics Publishing


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