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Quantum Field Theory

An arcane setting for explaining the world
Roberto Iengo


While there are many good books in particle physics, very seldom, if ever, has a non-specialist comprehensive description of quantum field theory appeared. The intention of this short book is to offer a guided tour of that innermost topic of theoretical physics. Written in plain English and avoiding the mathematical apparatus, but still describing its various facets up to the research frontier, this book gives a glimpse of what the human mind has been capable of imagining for dealing with the behaviour of nature at the most fundamental level.

About Editors

Roberto Iengo is a professor at the PhD Graduate School SISSA (Trieste, Italy), now retired but still affiliated to the Theoretical Particle Physics group. He is author (also spelt as Jengo) of many scientific publications in various aspects of quantum field theory and string theory. He has taught for years a course in quantum field theory for PhD students. He has also been director of the SISSA interdisciplinary laboratory of humanities and science and of the master in science communication.

Table of Contents

1 Interaction at a distance? Rather, the propagation of a field.
2 The messengers of the interaction: the "quanta" of the field.
3 Matter fields, of an uncommon self-avoiding kind.
4 Whatever is happening makes an Action.
5 The Vacuum: the stage of the Fields' play.
6 The symmetric shape of the Action.
7 Everything fluctuates.
8 The vacuum is not empty.
9 What else.
10 QFT: what for?


Paperback ISBN: 9780750329286

Ebook ISBN: 9781643270524

DOI: 10.1088/978-1-6432-7053-1

Publisher: Morgan & Claypool Publishers


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