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Optical Cryptosystems

Naveen K. Nishchal


Advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, and the Internet of Things have changed the digital landscape, providing many new and exciting opportunities. However, they also provide ever-shifting gateways for information theft or misuse. Staying ahead requires the development of innovative and responsive security measures, and recent advances in optical technology have positioned it as a promising alternative to digital cryptography.

Optical Cryptosystems introduces the subject of optical cryptography and provides up-to-date coverage of optical security schemes. Optical principles, approaches, and algorithms are discussed as well as applications, including image/data encryption–decryption, watermarking, image/data hiding, and authentication verification. This book also includes MATLAB® codes, enabling students and research professionals to carry out exercises and develop newer methods of image/data security and authentication.

About Editors

Naveen K Nishchal is currently an associate professor in the Department of Physics at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Patna, where he joined in December 2008. Nishchal received his PhD in physics from IIT Delhi in 2005. His research interests include optical information processing, image encryption, watermarking, digital holography, interferometry, correlation based optical pattern recognition, and fractional Fourier transform-based signal processing. He is a senior member of OSA and SPIE, and a life fellow of the Optical Society of India. He is a life member of the Indian Science Congress Association and the Laser and Spectroscopy Society of India. He has authored or co-authored 60 peer-reviewed international journal papers, two book chapters, and 150 papers in various conferences/seminars/symposia.

Table of Contents

Preface viii
Acknowledgement x
Author's biography xi
List of acronyms xii

Chapter 1 Digital techniques of data and image encryption

Chapter 2 Optical techniques of image encryption: Symmetric cryptosystems

Chapter 3 Fully-phase image encryption

Chapter 4 Joint transform correlator-based schemes for security and authentication

Chapter 5 Image watermarking and hiding

Chapter 6 Polarization encoding

Chapter 7 Digital holography-based security schemes

Chapter 8 Securing fused multispectral data

Chapter 9 Chaos-based information security

Chapter 10 Optical asymmetric cryptosystems

Chapter 11 Attacks on optical security schemes

Chapter 12 Optical security keys/masks


Hardback ISBN: 9780750322188

Ebook ISBN: 9780750322201

DOI: 10.1088/978-0-7503-2220-1

Publisher: Institute of Physics Publishing

Series: IOP Series in Advances in Optics, Photonics and Optoelectronics


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