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Dynamical systems approach and theory of holors
Professor Bogdan Fijalkowski


Mechatronics offers new solutions and unprecedented flexibility in developing and understanding transportation systems, industrial production processes, and aerospace, automotive and traction components, etc. This book focusses on exploiting a dynamical systems approach and theory of holors in mechatronics for modelling and characterization of various dynamical systems. Written as an introductory textbook for advanced students, it can be used by teachers and students both in lessons and independently. It includes subject knowledge and pedagogical support for teachers of mechatronics. This title will also be an essential reference for practising scientists and engineers working in the field of mechatronics.

About Editors

Bogdan Fijalkowski has worked in both industry and academia and was Director of the Electrotechnics & Industrial Electronics Institute and Head of Automotive Mechatronics Institution at the Cracow University of Technology, Poland. He holds 25 patents and has published 26 books and book chapters in addition to more than 200 technical papers.

Table of Contents

1 General considerations
2 Model definition
3 Dynamical systems approach
4 Algorithm for a formulation of the mathematical model
5 Developmental systems approach
6 Synthetic mathematical model of the abstract functional heterogeneous continuous dynamical hypersystem
7 Physical heterogeneous continuous dynamical hypersystems as generalised physical commutation matrices
8 Physical commutation matrix dynamical components
9 Principal physical commutation matrices as physical models
10 Generalised impedance and admittance holors of physical commutation matrices
11 Electrical homogeneous continuous dynamical systems as DC and AC electrical commutation matrices
12 Mechanical homogenous continuous dynamical systems as mechanical commutation matrices
13 Fluidic homogeneous continuous dynamical systems as fluidic commutation matrices
14 Mechanical commutation matrix commutators for conventional DC and AC magneto-mechano-dynamical electrical machines
15 Electrical commutation matrix commutators for modern DC and AC magneto-mechano-dynamical electrical machines
16 Electrical commutation matrix keyboards for computers
17 Programmable-logic and/or generic-logic electrical commutation matrices for digital devices
18 Nano-magneto-rheological fluido-mechanical commutation matrices for internal combustion engines
19 Conclusion and future trends


Hardback ISBN: 9780750313513

Ebook ISBN: 9780750313506

DOI: 10.1088/978-0-7503-1350-6

Publisher: Institute of Physics Publishing


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