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Magnetic Excitations and Geometric Confinement

Theory and simulations
Gary Matthew Wysin


In this book, author Gary Wysin provides an overview of some model systems and their behaviour and effects. Intended for advanced students and researchers in physics, chemistry and engineering, which are interested in confined magnetics either to form a purely theoretical point of view or to consider properties for potential novel applications. It is also suitable as an auxiliary text in a class on magnetism or solid state physics. Some previous physics knowledge is expected, including the understanding of classical Hamiltonian mechanics, basic ideas about quantum spin, and statistical physics. Some of the later chapters consider electromagnetic effects in magnets in metals, where some basic knowledge of classical electromagnetism and electromagnetic waves is needed.

About Editors

Gary Wysin in a professor of theoretical condensed matter physics at Kansas State University, USA. Research interests span theoretical and simulation studies in magnetism and optics.

Table of Contents

1 Introduction: Geometrically Confined Magnetic Systems
2 Spin Waves: Extended but Low-Dimensional Systems
3 Classical Monte Carlo Simulation Methods
4 Classical Spin Dynamics Simulations
5 Solitons in Magnetic Chains
6 Vortices in Layered or Two-Dimensional Ferromagnets
7 Vortices in Two-Dimensional Antiferromagnets
8 Demagnetization Effects in Thin Magnets
9 Vortices in Thin Ferromagnetic Nano-Disks
10 Spin Ices and Geometric Frustration
11 Ferromagnetic Nano-Spheres
12 Ferromagnetic Cylinders
13 Electromagnetics and Nano-Spheres
14 Faraday Rotation Effects for Nanoparticles
15 Postface


Hardback ISBN: 9780750310758

Ebook ISBN: 9780750310741

DOI: 10.1088/978-0-7503-1074-1

Publisher: Institute of Physics Publishing


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