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Laser Safety

Practical knowledge and solutions
Ken Barat CLSO


Laser Safety: Practical knowledge and solutions provides an in-depth guide to laser safety for a wide variety of people who work regularly with lasers and similar products. Laser safety basics are discussed, with an explanation of laser safety devices and useful techniques to obtain workable laser safety culture. An expansion of topics not found in typical laser safety texts is also included: ergonomics, mentoring, performance-based learning, on the job training, laser safety tools and solutions, as well as laser disposal guidance and how to avoid presentation flaws. Methods to engrain laser safety in a facilities user community are also addressed. This book will be relevant to students, researchers and laser physicists.

About Editors


Ken Barat is the former Laser Safety Officer for Lawrence Berkeley Nat Lab and the National Ignition Facility Directorate. Presently, he is providing laser safety consulting under the title of Laser Safety Solutions. He is the author of several texts on laser safety as well as numerous articles and presentations worldwide.

Table of Contents



Part 1 The Basics of Laser Safety

Chapter 1 Why are laser accidents still happening?

Chapter 2 Classification: A means of hazard communication

Chapter 3 Biological effects: Something you should know about

Chapter 4 Laser Safety Terms: the language LSOs speak

Chapter 5 Risk Assessment for lasers

Chapter 6 Laser Protective Eyewear, looking sharp in the laser lab

Chapter 7 Regulations, you mean there are rules?

Part 2 Training Related

Chapter 8 Safety Culture and Laser Program Management Chapter

 9 Performance Based Learning in Laser Safety Training

Chapter 10 Training, breaking through to users

Chapter 11 Mentoring, do what I say and follow my lead

Chapter 12 Can everyone understand your work/presentations? Consider Visual Disabilities and Graphics

Part 3 Not the usual topics, going outside the space time continuum

Chapter 13 Ergonomics in a laser lab, you must be joking

Chapter 14 Laser Safety Tools: Making your life better for less

Chapter 15 All you ever wanted to know about laser barriers (Evaluation and Design of Laser Barriers)

Chapter 16 US and European Test Methodology For Laser Protective Eyewear

Chapter 17 Elements and considerations in designing and or selecting a room interlock system Chapter 18 Paperwork Considerations (Not documented not done)

 Chapter 19 Engineering Control Measures, Explaining Engineering Control Measures found in Standards

Chapter 20 DYE Laser, Hazards and Good Practice for Safe Use

Chapter 21 Laser Disposal end of life cycle thoughts, hospice for your laser

Part 4 Problems and solutions, are you dealing with these?

Chapter 22 How are you dealing with these topics?

Part 5

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Hardback ISBN: 9780750316903

Ebook ISBN: 9780750316927

DOI: 10.1088/2053-2563/ab0f25

Publisher: Institute of Physics Publishing

Series: IOP Series in Coherent Sources, Quantum Fundamentals, and Applications


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