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Inverse Modeling

An introduction to the theory and methods of inverse problems and data assimilation
Gen Nakamura, Roland Potthast


This book provides a comprehensive introduction to the techniques, tools and methods for inverse problems and data assimilation, and is written at the interface between mathematics and applications for students, researchers and developers in mathematics, physics, engineering, acoustics, electromagnetics, meteorology, biology, environmental and other applied sciences. Basic analytic questions and tools are introduced, as well as a wide variety of concepts, methods and approaches to formulate and solve inverse problems. OCTAVE /MATLAB® codes are included, which serve as a first step towards simulations and more sophisticated inversion or data assimilation algorithms.

About Editors

Gen Nakamura is currently Harim Professor at Inha University, S. Korea, and Professor Emeritus of Hokkaido University, Japan. Roland Potthast currently leads the division for data assimilation at the German Meteorological Service, Frankfurt/Offenbach, with a part-time professorship in mathematics at the University of Reading, UK.

Table of Contents

1 Introduction 2 Functional analytic tools 3 Approaches to regularization 4 A stochastic view of inverse problems 5 Dynamical systems inversion and data assimilation 6 Programming of numerical algorithms and useful tools 7 Neural field inversion and kernel reconstruction 8 Simulation of waves and fields 9 Nonlinear operators 10 Analysis: uniqueness, stability and convergence questions 11 Source reconstruction and magnetic tomography 12 Field reconstruction techniques 13 Sampling methods 14 Probe methods 15 Analytic continuation tests 16 Dynamical sampling and probe methods 17 Targeted observations and meta-inverse problems


Hardback ISBN: 9780750312196

Ebook ISBN: 9780750312189

DOI: 10.1088/978-0-7503-1218-9

Publisher: Institute of Physics Publishing


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