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Global Approaches to Environmental Management on Military Training Ranges

Tracey Temple, Melissa Ladyman


This book provides an insight into the global practices for environmental management of military live-fire training ranges by combining scientific research with practical solutions to ensure continued training capability. The text is divided into four parts: the first provides the background information necessary to understand the scientific principles behind environmental management. The second part comprises methodologies for the environmental risk assessment of explosives and munitions, and the third collates case studies and innovative management techniques that have been applied to reduce remediation costs. Finally, part four considers the design of greener or insensitive munitions to reduce environmental impact. This is an essential reference guide for those with a responsibility for environmental management of military training ranges, and who are required to ensure sustainable long-term training capability.

About Editors

Tracey J Temple is a lecturer in environmental science at Cranfield University, having previously worked as an environmental consultant, and served 10 years in the RAF. Temple frequently chairs and attends NATO panel meetings, specifically related to the environmental impact of explosives, which includes sampling for contamination, toxicity from military training ranges and environmental munition regulations.

Melissa K Ladyman gained her PhD in organic and medicinal chemistry, focusing on the development of fluorescent assays for biological analysis, from The University of Edinburgh in 2014. Subsequently, Ladyman joined the environmental science group at Cranfield University and is currently a lecturer, responsible for teaching and researching the fate and transport of explosives in the environment.

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Hardback ISBN: 9780750316033

Ebook ISBN: 9780750316057

DOI: 10.1088/978-0-7503-1605-7

Publisher: Institute of Physics Publishing


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