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Cold Plasma Cancer Therapy

Michael Keidar, Dayun Yan


Cold atmospheric plasma (CAP) emerges as a possible new modality for cancer treatment. This book provides a comprehensive introduction into the fundamentals of the CAP and plasma devices used in plasma medicine. An analysis of the mechanisms of plasma interaction with cancer and normal cells, including a description of possible mechanisms of plasma selectivity, is included. Recent advances in the field, the primary challenges and future directions are also presented.

About Editors

Michael Keidar is the A James Clark Professor of Engineering at George Washington University. His research concerns advanced spacecraft propulsion, plasma-based nanotechnology and plasma medicine. He has written more than 260 journal articles and is the author of the book Plasma Engineering: Applications from Aerospace to Bio and Nanotechnology.

Dayun Yan obtained his MS in mechanical engineering from Tsinghua University. He later obtained his PhD at the George Washington University, in 2016, under the supervision of Keidar.

Jonathan H Sherman is a neurosurgeon, an associate professor, and the director of surgical neuro-oncology and the director of stereotactic radiosurgery at The George Washington University School of Medicine & Health Sciences. His clinical interests include primary and metastatic brain tumors.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Plasma as a forth state of matter

Chapter 2. Introduction to the non-thermal Plasmas

Chapter 3. The Anti-Cancer Effect of Cold Atmospheric Plasma in vitro

Chapter 4. The Anti-Cancer Mechanism of Cold Atmospheric Plasma in vitro

Chapter 5. The anti-cancer effect of CAP treatment in vivo.

Chapter 6. Indirect CAP treatment, the application of the cold atmospheric plasma activated solutions in cancer treatment

Chapter 7. Adaptive plasmas and recent progress in plasma application in cancer therapy


Paperback ISBN: 9780750329774

Ebook ISBN: 9781643274331

DOI: 10.1088/2053-2571/aafb9c

Publisher: Morgan & Claypool Publishers


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