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Classical Mechanics, Volume 5

Conservation laws and rotational motion
Gregory A DiLisi


Classical Mechanics teaches readers how to solve physics problems; in other words, how to put math and physics together to obtain a numerical or algebraic result and then interpret these results physically. These skills are important and will be needed in more advanced science and engineering courses. However, more important than developing problem-solving skills and physical-interpretation skills, the main purpose of this multi-volume series is to survey the basic concepts of classical mechanics and to provide the reader with a solid understanding of the foundational content knowledge of classical mechanics.

Classical Mechanics: Conservation laws and rotational motion covers the conservation of energy and the conservation of momentum, which are crucial concepts in any physics course. It also introduces the concepts of center-of-mass and rotational motion.

About Editors

Gregory A DiLisi earned his Bachelor of Science degree from Cornell University. He then earned his Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy degrees from Case Western Reserve University in condensed matter experimental physics. He is currently an associate professor at John Carroll University in University Heights, Ohio, where he has held appointments in two departments: physics and education. As an experimental physicist, he specializes in liquid crystals and complex fluids.

Table of Contents

Multiplying Vectors by Scalars  
Multiplying Vectors by Vectors: The Vector "Dot"-Product  
Work or Energy  
Work Done by a Non-Constant Force  
The "Work-Energy Theorem" or the "Law of Conservation of Energy"  
Linear Momentum  
The Law of Conservation of Momentum  
What if an Object's Mass Changes?  
The Center-of-Mass  
Where is the Human Body's Center-of-Mass?  
The Moment of Inertia about an Axis of Rotation  
Multiplying Vectors by Vectors: The Vector "Cross"-Product  
Representing Vectors "Out of" and "Into" This Book  
All Vector Operations
Angular Displacement  
Linear-to-Angular Transformations


Paperback ISBN: 9780750330015

Ebook ISBN: 9781643273976

DOI: 10.1088/2053-2571/ab1cb2

Publisher: Morgan & Claypool Publishers


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