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Advanced Numerical and Theoretical Methods for Photonic Crystals and Metamaterials

Didier Felbacq


This book provides a set of theoretical and numerical tools useful for the study of wave propagation in metamaterials and photonic crystals. While concentrating on electromagnetic waves, most of the material can be used for acoustic (or quantum) waves. For each presented numerical method, numerical code written in MATLAB® is presented. The codes are limited to 2D problems and can be easily translated in Python or Scilab, and used directly with Octave as well.

About Editors

Didier Felbacq is a full professor of physics at the University of Montpelier. He is involved in theoretical and numerical research in close collaboration with experimentalists. His current activities cover electron transport in transistors for terahertz emission and detection, second harmonic emission in photonic crystals, excitons in 2D materials, quantum metamaterials, thermal metamaterials, acoustic metamaterials, and biophysics. He received his PhD in physics from École Centrale de Marseille in 1992 and is a former member of the Institut Universitaire de France.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents: Foreward / Author biography / Chapter 1: Maxwell equations / Chapter 2: Bloch waves / Chapter 3: Modal methods / Chapter 4: Direct space discretization / Chapter 5: Homogenization and transformation optics


Paperback ISBN: 9780750328449

Ebook ISBN: 9781681743028

DOI: 10.1088/978-1-6817-4301-1

Publisher: Morgan & Claypool Publishers

Series: IOP Series in Electromagnetics and Metamaterials


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