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Wearable Communication Systems and Antennas (Second Edition)

Design, efficiency, and miniaturization techniques
Professor Dr Albert Sabban


The main objective of this book is to present efficient wearable systems, compact sensors and antennas for Communication and Healthcare Systems. The major application of wearable Body Area Networks (BANs), and of Wireless Body Area Networks (WBANs), is to help physicians to monitor the health of their patients.

This book may serve students and design engineers as a reference book. It presents new designs in the area of wearable systems and antennas, metamaterial antennas, fractal antennas and active receiving and transmitting antennas.

The new edition presents new wearable active and passive microstrip circular antennas, green electronic technologies, microwave measurements, ethic dilemmas and considerations in development of wearable devices.


Key Features

  • Each chapter covers mathematical detail and explanations to enable electrical, electromagnetic, communication, system, and biomedical engineers to follow and understand the topics presented
  • Presents electromagnetic theory, microwave theory, basic communication theory, and antennas theory and design
  • The book covers and presents basic topics in communication and system engineering
  • Includes new wearable systems and antennas design
  • Presents new wearable metamaterial antennas, green technologies and energy harvesting systems
  • The book presents wearable sensors and antennas for communication and IOT systems.

About Editors

Dr Albert Sabban received a BSc and MSc degree Magna Cum Laude in electrical and computer engineering from Tel Aviv University in 1976 and 1986 respectively. He received an MBA degree from Haifa University and a PhD degree in electrical and computer engineering from University of Colorado in 1991. Research interests: medical wearable and IOT systems, microwave and antenna engineering, communication systems, system engineering and Electromagnetic CAD. Dr A. Sabban has published more than 100 research papers and holds patents in the antenna area. He's written eight books on communication wearable systems and wearable wideband antennas. A book on electromagnetics and microwave theory, plus eight chapters in books on wearable systems, green electronics, and antennas, and served as editor of several books.

Table of Contents

1. Theory of Wireless Wearable Communication Systems

2. Wearable Communication Technology for Medical and Sport Applications

3. Electromagnetic Waves and Transmission Lines for Wearable Communication Systems

4. Microwave Technologies for Wearable Communication Systems. MIC, MMIC, MEMS and LTCC

5. RF Components and Modules Design for Wearable Communication Systems. Passive elements, Power Dividers and Combiners, RF Amplifiers

6. Body Area Networks, BAN, Communication Systems concept

7. Antennas for Wearable Communication Systems

8. Wideband Wearable Antennas for Communication and Medical Applications

9. Analysis and Measurements of Wearable Antennas in Vicinity of Human Body

10. Novel Wearable RFID Antennas for Wireless Communication Systems

11. Novel Wearable Antennas for Wireless Communication Systems. Meta-Material Antenna, Fractal Printed Antennas

Active Wearable Printed Antennas for Medical Applications

13. New Wide Band Passive and Active Wearable Slot and Notch Antennas for Wireless and Medical Communication Systems

14. Aperture Antennas for Wireless Communication Systems

15. Compact Circular Patch Wearable Metamaterials Antennas for Healthcare, IOT, and 5G Systems

16. Green Electronic and Communication Technologies

17. Analysis and Design of Wearable Communication, Medical and IOT Systems

18. Measurements of Wearable Systems and Antennas

19. Ethics in Wearable Healthcare and communication systems



Hardback ISBN: 9780750352208

Ebook ISBN: 9780750352246

DOI: 10.1088/978-0-7503-5224-6

Publisher: Institute of Physics Publishing


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