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RF-MEMS Technology for High-Performance Passives (Second Edition)

5G applications and prospects for 6G
Jacopo Iannacci


The focus of this book develops around HW, and in particular on low-complexity components for Radio Frequency (RF) applications. To this end, Microsystem (MEMS) technology for RF passive components, known as RF-MEMS, is employed, discussing its potentialities in the application frame of 5G.

The approach adopted is practical, and a significant part of the content can be directly used by scientists involved in the field, to put their hand on actual design, optimization and development of innovative RF passive components in MEMS technology for 5G and beyond applications. This update (which includes a review of the main approaches to the modelling and simulations of MEMS and RF-MEMS devices) is timely and will find a wider readership as it crosses into the translational aspects of applied research in the subject.

Key Features:

  • With over 50 pages of new content, the book will be 1/3 larger than the 1st edition.
  • New chapter on simulation and modelling techniques.
  • Practical approach to the design and development of RF-MEMS design concepts for 5G and upcoming 6G.
  • Includes case studies.
  • Video figures.
  • Includes a review of the business landscape.

About Editors

Jacopo Iannacci is an expert in Microsystem Technologies (MEMS) for diverse applications. He received the MSc Degree in Electronic Engineering (2003) and the PhD in Information Technology (2007) from the ARCES Research Center at the University of Bologna, Italy, and worked as Visiting Researcher (2005-2006) at the DIMES Technology Center of the Technical University of Delft, the Netherlands, on the development of packaging and integration solutions for RF-MEMS devices. He authored and co-authored numerous scientific contributions for international journals and conference proceedings, as well as books and several book chapters in the field of MEMS and RF-MEMS technology. In 2007 he joined the Research Staff of the Center for Sensors and Devices (SD) at Fondazione Bruno Kessler (FBK) in Trento, Italy. Since then he focuses on (compact) modelling, design, optimization, integration, packaging and testing for reliability of MEMS/RF-MEMS devices and networks for Sensors/Actuators, Energy Harvesting and Telecommunication systems and applications

Table of Contents

Introduction Preface 1 Introduction to MEMS and RF-MEMS: From the early days of microsystems to modern RF-MEMS passives 2 Expectations versus actual market of RF-MEMS: Analysis and explanation of a repeatedly fluctuating scenario 3 The future 5th generation (5G) of mobile networks: Challenges and opportunities of an impelling scenario with an outlook on the future 6G 4 RF-MEMS passives for 5G applications: Case studies and design examples 5 A comprehensive approach to the compact multi-physical modelling and simulation of RF-MEMS Appendix A Moving MEMS: Dynamics down in the micro-world Appendix B How to setup, configure and exploit the MEMS behavioural models software library


Hardback ISBN: 9780750341974

Ebook ISBN: 9780750341998

DOI: 10.1088/978-0-7503-4199-8

Publisher: Institute of Physics Publishing


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