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Quantum Entanglement Engineering and Applications

F J Duarte, Dr Travis S. Taylor


Quantum entanglement (QE) is one of the most, if not the most, mysterious, and yet most promising subjects of current physics. With applications in cryptographic space-to-space, space-to-earth, and fiber communications, in addition to teleportation and quantum computing, QE goes beyond fascination and into the pragmatic spheres of commerce and the military.

With the growing population of engineers in need of a transparent, pragmatic, and direct introduction to QE and its applications, this book, the first of its kind, focuses on the practical mathematical tools necessary to handle QE and its requirements to design optical configurations for QE-based systems. Specific applications include satellite networks, space-to-space communications, quantum teleportation, and quantum computing.

Key Features

  • The first and only available text on engineering for quantum entanglement.
  • Presents an introduction to the topic and explains the very basic physics concepts.
  • Provides a tour of the relevant mathematics essential to handle quantum entanglement.
  • Provides content to design optical configurations for optical entanglement-based systems in quantum communications and quantum computing.
  • Includes discussions of key practical applications such as space-to-space, fiber and satellite communications.
  • Presents the fascinating subject of quantum interpretations as elucidated by quantum entanglement.

About Editors

Dr F J Duarte is a laser physicist based in Western New York, USA. He is the author/editor of 14 scholarly books including Dye Laser Principles, High-Power Dye Lasers, Tunable Laser Applications, and Tunable Lasers Handbook. He is sole author of Tunable Laser Optics, Quantum Optics for Engineers, and Fundamentals of Quantum Entanglement. He has received the Engineering Excellence Award (1995), 'for the invention of the N-slit laser interferometer,' and the David Richardson Medal (2016) 'for seminal contributions to the physics and technology of multiple-prism arrays for narrow-linewidth tunable laser oscillators and laser pulse compression' from the Optical Society.

Dr T S Taylor is Principal Scientist at the Quantum Entanglement and Space Technologies Laboratory, US Army Space and Missile Defense Command, Huntsville, Alabama. He is the author and co-author of numerous refereed publications and US patents. Dr Taylor is also the author of two scholarly books: Introduction to Rocket Science and Engineering and Introduction to Laser Science and Engineering.

Table of Contents


Hardback ISBN: 9780750334051

Ebook ISBN: 9780750334075

DOI: 10.1088/978-0-7503-3407-5

Publisher: Institute of Physics Publishing

Series: IOP Series in Coherent Sources, Quantum Fundamentals, and Applications


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