Positron Emission Particle Tracking

A comprehensive guide
Kit Windows-Yule, David Parker, Samuel Manger, Andrei L Nicuşan, Matthew. T Herald


PEPT is an extremely versatile and powerful technique, which can be applied to problems spanning a diverse range of scientific disciplines, including pure and applied physics, mechanical, chemical and civil engineering, geomechanics and geophysics, and biomedicine, as well as almost all major industrial sectors. However, it is a complex technique, which requires a clear and detailed introduction if it is to be used effectively, and its results analysed rigorously and interpreted correctly.
The book is intended to act both as a) an introduction to the technique for those currently unfamiliar with it, yet who may find it valuable in their work or research, and b) a detailed and comprehensive reference book for more experienced users.

The topics covered will include both a basic introduction to, and a detailed explanation of, the PEPT technique, and all of its individual elements: the choice of suitable tracers for non-invasive tracking; the activation of said tracers; the detector systems used to track these particles, and the underlying physics thereof; the algorithms which convert the output from these detectors into particle locations; the processing and analysis of this location data to extract meaningful physical information.

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Hardback ISBN: 9780750330695

Ebook ISBN: 9780750330718

Publisher: Institute of Physics Publishing


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