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Nuclear Waste

Management, disposal and governance
Professor Klaus-Jürgen Röhlig


Nuclear waste management is an interdisciplinary issue requiring a variety of approaches and a holistic understanding of the field. In this edited volume, Klaus-Jürgen Röhlig brings together leading researchers from geoengineering, nuclear physics, materials science and the social sciences to provide an overview of the terminology and concepts required to engage in the field. It addresses measures and strategies for managing waste from technical and societal points of view, including practical, legal and ethical considerations involved in strategy choice, as well as historical and participation issues. The book is ideal for early-career professionals and students involved in the nuclear waste field, and comprises a valuable reference for more-established professionals and those working with nuclear waste organisations and authorities. 

About Editors

Prof. Klaus-Jürgen Röhlig is a professor and head of the Repository Systems Department at Clausthal University of Technology (TU Clausthal) in Germany, a position he has held since 2007. His research includes safety analysis methodology, analytical assessment of repository systems, and socio-technical issues such as radioactive waste management and governance.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
•Editor's biography
•Acronyms and abbreviations
Part I Scientific and technical background
1.Radioactivity by Clemens Walther
2.Nuclear fuel from cradle to grave: Existing variants and future options for the fuel cycle and resulting waste types by Wolfgang Kröger and Andrej Stankovski
3.Other waste origins (industry, medicine, research): Sources and resulting waste types by Michael I. Ojovan
4.Waste management policy and strategy by Klaus-Jürgen Röhlig
5.Waste conditioning and waste forms by Michael I. Ojovan
6.Storage and Transport by Maik Stuke, Mathias Häring and Jörn Becker
7.Disposal and other conceivable strategy "endpoints" for different types of waste by Klaus-Jürgen Röhlig
8.Geologic ("deep") disposal of high-level and other long-lived waste: Host rocks, concepts, current status internationally by Klaus-Jürgen Röhlig
9.Decision-making in the presence of uncertainty. Safety Case as a tool supporting the development of deep geologic repository by Klaus-Jürgen Röhlig
Part II Nuclear waste management and society
1.Legal and Regulatory Issues by Hans Wanner
2.Perspectives on risk and risk perception by Anne Eckhardt
3.The Politization and Politics of Nuclear Waste: a Socio-Technical History by Karena Kalmbach
4.Role of Stakeholder Involvement in implementing Radioactive Waste Management Projects by David Brazier, Jo-Ann Facella, Pascale Jana Künzi and Erik Setzman
5.Ethical Aspects of High-Level Nuclear Waste Management by Konrad Ott
6.Geology, engineering and society: Repository siting as a socio-technical problem by Klaus-Jürgen Röhlig
7.The German case for dealing with high-level radioactive waste: Taking a socio-technical approach for addressing a socio-technical problem – chances and risks by Armin Grunwald


Hardback ISBN: 9780750330930

Ebook ISBN: 9780750330954

DOI: 10.1088/978-0-7503-3095-4

Publisher: Institute of Physics Publishing


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