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Dynamical Properties in Nanostructured and Low-Dimensional Materials (Second Edition)

Michael G Cottam


The dramatic advances that started two decades ago in the growth, fabrication and characterisation of low-dimensional materials have continued, with important developments in the seven years since the first edition of this book. Examples of novel materials include two-dimensional graphene, van der Waals magnets and nanostructures. In parallel, there have been improvements in theoretical and simulation methods.

In particular, the areas relating to magnetic excitations, mixed (or hybrid) excitations, and nonlinear excitations have all been very active. Most studies of these artificially engineered materials have been driven by their potential for device applications that involve smaller and smaller physical dimensions.

Recently the patterning of nanoelements, into periodic and other arrays, has become a focus of intense activity. The nonlinear properties of the excitations are increasingly of interest, as well as the linear dynamics.

This book is suitable for physicists, chemists, materials scientists and engineers (in universities, research labs and industry).


Key Features


·        Focuses on novel nanostructured materials

·        Includes two-dimensional and other low-dimensional materials

·        Illustrates the dynamics of wave propagation in materials

·        Includes comprehensive treatment for a wide range of materials and applications

·        Accessible to non-specialists in the field

·        Contains up-to-date coverage of experimental and theoretical advances.

About Editors

Michael Cottam is an Emeritus Professor of Physics in the Department of Physics & Astronomy at the University of Western Ontario, Canada. He is a former Chair of the department and has also served as Associate Dean of Science (Research) and as the Director of the Western Institute for Nanomaterials Science.

The author's research expertise is in the quantum theory of condensed-matter systems, and in particular in the dynamical properties of the excitations, such as vibrational waves (phonons) and magnetic excitations (spin waves or magnons), in these materials. An area of focus in his recent work has been low-dimensional structures and nanostructured materials. He has published about 300 research articles and multiple books with IOP Publishing, Cambridge University Press, Wiley and World Scientific.

Table of Contents


1.1 Types of excitations or waves 1

2 Phonons 35

3 Exchange-Dominated Magnetic Excitations 71

4 Dipole-Exchange Magnetic Excitations 103

5 Electronic and Plasmonic Excitations 137

6 Polaritons 169

7 Mixed Excitations 203

8 Nonlinear Dynamics for Nonmagnetic Excitations 231

9 Nonlinear Dynamics for Magnetic Excitations 253

A Some mathematical topics 279

A.1 The tridiagonal matrix method 279

A.2 Linear response and Green functions 283

A.3 Survey of theoretical methods 285


Paperback ISBN: 9780750339018

Ebook ISBN: 9780750339032

DOI: 10.1088/978-0-7503-3903-2

Publisher: Institute of Physics Publishing


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