Creativity for Scientists and Engineers

A practical guide
Dennis Sherwood


All scientists and engineers are creative – you wouldn't be a scientist or engineer if you weren't. But can you be even more creative? Do you know how to develop creativity in those who are less confident? And how to build a team culture in which creativity flourishes? If those questions spark interest, then this book is for you. Presenting pragmatic and powerful processes for generating ideas, and for distinguishing good ideas from weak ones, the book explores the fundamental first principles on which creativity is based, as well as the organisational factors that need to be addressed for creativity to happen.  

Filled with examples of creativity in science and engineering, and including a contributed chapter in which 13 contemporary scientists and engineers tell their own stories, this book is a practical 'how to' guide on how to have good ideas on demand, how to judge between good ideas and bad ones, and how to build a sustainable innovation culture. From gravitational waves to outreach, from safety on trains to how some cows in Kansas triggered an idea for noise reduction, the examples in this book are sure to stimulate individual and organisational creativity.

Key Features:

  • Provides a practical 'how to' guide on how to have good ideas 'on demand'
  • Shows how to identify, wisely, the best ideas
  • Presents down-to-earth strategies to increase scientific creativity
  • Includes stimulating case studies contributed by 16 leading scientists and engineers
  • Describes how to build a sustainable organisational culture in which creativity can flourish
  • Written by a world leader in creative consultancy

About Editors

Dennis Sherwood is one of the UK's leading experts on creativity and innovation. For the last 20 years, Dennis has been running his own consulting firm, The Silver Bullet Machine Manufacturing Company Limited, working with organisations to generate great ideas, to evaluate them wisely, and to build a sustainable culture in which safe creativity and effective innovation flourish. In particular, much of the inspiration for this book derives from projects carried out with industrial scientists and engineers, as well as academic teams and Centres for Doctoral Training at universities across the UK. 

Table of Contents


Hardback ISBN: 9780750349659

Ebook ISBN: 9780750349673

Publisher: Institute of Physics Publishing


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