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Materials principles and characterization methods
Chen Liao


This research and reference text provides an introduction to battery fundamentals, exploring some of the state-of-the-art characterisation methods currently employed by the energy storage community. Covering the essential electrochemistry, impedance spectroscopy, solid state chemistry, electrochemical engineering, materials sciences and in-situ characterization methods for batteries, the text acquaints non-battery researchers with the field, and provides a comprehensive reference for specialists in sub-fields of battery research. With a focus on Li-ion batteries, contextualised against a discussion of newer, disruptive technologies such as Li-air and Mg-ion batteries, the text is ideal for researchers and students interested in the materials and characterization methods for batteries, including those without a background in electro- or solid-state chemistry.

Key Features:

  • Provides a comprehensive introduction to battery research, including fundamental materials principles and characterisation methods
  • Suitable for non-specialists without a background in electro- or solid-state chemistry, as well as those that specialise in a sub-field of batteries research
  • Covers established topics as well as cutting-edge research

About Editors

Dr Chen Liao is a physical organic chemist and staff scientist at the Argonne National Laboratory in Illinois, USA. Dr Liao received her PhD in 2008 from the University of Wyoming and joined Argonne in 2013, following postdoctoral positions at the University of Florida and Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Her research focuses on materials development, diagnosis, and characterization methods for energy storage systems. She has over 70 publications and 10 US patents.

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Hardback ISBN: 9780750326803

Ebook ISBN: 9780750326827

DOI: 10.1088/978-0-7503-2682-7

Publisher: Institute of Physics Publishing

Series: IOP Series in Renewable and Sustainable Power


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