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Artificial Intelligence in Cancer Diagnosis and Prognosis, Volume 3

Brain and prostate cancer
Ayman El-Baz, Jasjit S Suri


Within this third volume dealing with breast and bladder cancer, the editors and authors will detail the latest research related to the application of AI to cancer diagnosis and prognosis and summarize its advantages. It's the editors and authors intention to explore how AI assists in these activities, specifically with regard to its unprecedented accuracy, which is even higher than that of general statistical applications in oncology. Ways will also be demonstrated as to how these methods in AI are advancing the field.

There have been thousands of papers written between 1995 and 2019 related to AI for cancer diagnosis and prognosis. However, to this date (and unknown to the Editors) there has not yet been published a comprehensive overview of the latest findings pertaining to these AI technologies, within a single book project(s). Therefore, the purpose of this three volume work and particularly for this third volume dealing with brain and bladder cancer, is to present a compendium of these findings related to these two pervasive cancers. Within this coverage it's our hope that scientists, researchers and clinicians can successfully incorporate these techniques into other significant cancers such as pancreatic, esophageal, leukemia, melanoma, etc.

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Hardback ISBN: 9780750336017

Ebook ISBN: 9780750336031

Publisher: Institute of Physics Publishing

Series: IPEM-IOP Series in Physics and Engineering in Medicine and Biology


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