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Flow Dynamics and Tissue Engineering of Blood Vessels

Arindam Bit, Jasjit S Suri


Flow Dynamics and Tissue Engineering of Blood Vessels explores the physical phenomena of vessel compliance and its influence on blood flow dynamics, as well as the modification of flow structures in the presence of diseases within the vessel wall or diseased blood content. This volume also illustrates the progress of tissue engineering for the intervention of re-engineered blood vessels. Blood vessel organoid models, their controlling aspects, and blood vessels based on microfluidic platforms are illustrated following on from the understanding of flow physics of blood on a similar platform.

The purpose of this book is to provide an overview of regenerative medicine and fluid mechanics principles for the management of clinically diseased blood vessels. Authors discuss tissue engineering aspects and computational fluid mechanical principles, and how they can be used to understand the state of blood vessels in diseased conditions.

Key Features
  • Computational and experimental fluid dynamics principles have been used to explore the modelling of diseased blood vessels
  • Principles of fluid dynamics and tissue engineering are used to propose innovative designs of bioreactors for blood vessel regeneration
  • Offers experimental analytical studies of blood flow in vessels with pathological conditions
  • Controlling aspects of various parameters while developing blood-vessel bioreactors and organoid models are presented critically, and optimization techniques for these parameters are also provided

About Editors

Arindam Bit is an assistant professor in the Department of Biomedical Engineering at the National Institute of Technology, Raipur, India. He has more than 40 research publications in peer-reviewed journals and has served as a guest editor to the Journal of Healthcare Engineering and Frontiers of Medical Technologies.

Jasjit S Suri is an innovator, scientist, visionary, industrialist, and an internationally known world leader in biomedical engineering, and he has spent 25 years in the field of biomedical engineering and its management. He was awarded the Marquis Life Time Achievement Award, Fellow of AIMBE and Fellow of AIUM during his career. His main contributions are in artificial intelligence in healthcare, particularly in cardiovascular and neurological fields.

Table of Contents

Editor biographies
1 Anatomy and physiology of blood vessels
2 Neurovascular structure and function
3 3D bioprinting in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine
4 Numerical analysis of blood flow in vasculature structure
5 Numerical analysis of blood flow in a micro-capillary in in-vitro conditions
6 Experimental analysis of blood flow in vessels with pathological conditions
7 Biomaterials for a synthetic and tissue engineered blood vessel
8 3D printing technology, bioink, fabrication technique of blood vessel and system used for cell culturing
9 Blood flow evaluation in different circulatory systems
10 Fabrication techniques of artificial blood vessels
11 Bioreactors for tissue engineered blood vessels
12 An artificial blood vessel and its controlling aspects—I
13 Control aspects of the circulatory system
14 Control aspects of a heart assistive device


Hardback ISBN: 9780750320863

Ebook ISBN: 9780750320887

DOI: 10.1088/978-0-7503-2088-7

Publisher: Institute of Physics Publishing

Series: IPEM-IOP Series in Physics and Engineering in Medicine and Biology


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