New releases

  • Jacket image for Quantum Optics and Quantum Computation
  • Jacket image for Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing, Volume 2
  • Jacket image for Detection Systems in Lung Cancer and Imaging, Volume 1
  • Jacket image for Practical Terahertz Electronics: Devices and Applications, Volume 2
  • Jacket image for Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing, Volume 1
  • Jacket image for Radio Photonics
  • Jacket image for Turbulent Flows: an Introduction
  • Jacket image for Galaxy Morphology
  • Jacket image for Simulation of Complex Systems
  • Jacket image for Single-Photon Detection for Data Communication and Quantum Systems
  • Jacket image for Neurocognitive Perspectives of Prosocial and Positive Emotional Behaviours
  • Jacket image for Sustainable Urban Development
  • Jacket image for Phase Space Crystals
  • Jacket image for Advances in Image and Data Processing using VLSI Design, Volume 1
  • Jacket image for Batteries
  • Jacket image for The Jaynes–Cummings Model and Its Descendants

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